You have tried Cigarettes, Cigars, Shisha/Hookah etc. You had enough of all of them and you still feel you are missing something. We recommend you to try Dokha!

Around for many decades, the “Dokha” is pure and original Arabic tobacco that is smoked through a pipe called “Medwakh”. The tobacco used in Dokha is very popular in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, and other Middle Eastern Countries. In the past, the local people of the region smoked “Dokha” because it gave them a stimulating and comforting head rush. They originally used hollowed animal bones as pipes; however craftsmen also made pipes using different types of exotic woods, as a sign of prestige and status. The art of cultivating “Dokha” tobacco has come a long way. The quality of the blend is decided by choosing crops that are irrigated by fresh water only and crops that are grown organically. The tobacco used in Dokha is a tender crop, which explains the green color of the tobacco.


Dokha is a 100% pure, additive free tobacco. It is an extremely invigorating form of pure tobacco available in various grades. Dokha is an Arabic term which means “Dizzy” in English. Dokha is known for the very direct head rush of Nicotine which leaves one with a light headed feeling, despite being small. It is known as one hitter.
It is smoked in small pipes called Medwakhs and the bowl size is 25 mg approximately.


Salient features:
• Tobacco consumption is substantially lower when compared to available alternatives.
• Quick, inconspicuous, stimulating and comforting head rush.

• Odors quickly dissipate and do not stick to your clothes.

• 100 % Tobacco 0% Nonsense.