Scorpian Dokha

Scorpion Dokha comes to you from the land of Dokha.
“Scorpion Dokha” is a Pure and Original Premium Arabic tobacco blend. Scorpion uses the highest quality of tobacco in its blends by choosing crops that are irrigated by fresh water only and crops that are grown organically. The tobacco used in Scorpion Dokha is tender crop. The specialists at Scorpion hand pick the best quality of tobacco to deliver the highest satisfaction levels to their customers. It comes in different strengths and flavors.



a smooth and light smoke that leaves the user always satisfied.



a smoke that offers the user a rewarding head rush while enjoying an exceptional smoke.



For those, who are not afraid to go to extreme, consisting of a strong flavor with a powerful stimulating experience?


Scorpion Dokha comes with a seal on the package to ensure that you get genuine product. To ensure that the aroma and freshness last long, Scorpion Dokha is packed in flip top cases which are air tight. At scorpion we believe in the importance of presentation. As a result we have developed a product which not only emphasizes on quality but also is cool and trendy to hold. After all, you deserve nothing but the best.



Scorpian Medwakh

“Medwakh” is an exotic and unique Arabic smoking pipe. Scorpion’s pipes are hand crafted by skilled artisans using the finest woods for an exquisite smoking experience.
Scorpion Medwakhs are also renowned for their durability because of the superior wood and craftsmanship involved in making them. The medwakhs can easily last beyond a year and are easy to maintain too.
Scorpion Medwakh too comes in attractive packaging like the Dokha.




*We present these Scorpion products to our discerning customers.