1. How is Dokha cultivated?

  • Scorpion Dokha is a tender Arabic Tobacco.

  • It is cultivated in areas that have fresh rain water running through small rivers.

  • Organic materials are used as fertilizers.

  • They tobacco leafs are then naturally dried by placing it under the shade, and allowing the warm air of the region passing through it until it gets dried.


2. Where does Dokha Originate from?

  • It originated from Oman many decades ago.

  • People used to use hollowed animal bones as Medwakh (pipe).

  • Later they shifted to exotic wood, from there to Medwakhs (pipes) with attractive designs to present status.

3. How can I tell a good quality Dokha from a bad Quality Dokha?

  • Color: Good quality Dokha starts with darkish green shades and slowly over a period of time will develop a lighter green shade without losing its quality (sometimes it evolves to a greenish-beige color as well) , that naturally happens because it is organically cultivated. Whereas bad quality Dokha might start as green, but will quickly turn brown, and that is an indication that inorganic materials are used, hence the Dokha will quickly lose its quality and taste.

  • Size: Good quality Dokha tobacco leaf is generally thin. Bad quality Dokha tobacco leaf if thick.

  • Blending: Good quality Dokha uses high quality Dokha tobacco leafs for the blends, which maintains its taste, character and consistency for long periods of time. Bad quality Dokha uses low grade Dokha tobacco leafs for the blends, which degrades the taste and consistency of the product.

  • Tobacco Content: Good quality Dokha consists purely of tobacco leaf with no additives and other materials what so ever. Bad quality Dokha contains other Cheaper leaves that reduced the quality and taste, rather it is done only to reduce price.

  • Other content: Good quality Dokha has very little quantity of the tobacco leaf stems and tobacco dust. Bad quality Dokha has a high quantity of the tobacco leaf stems and tobacco dust.

4. What makes Scorpion Dokah and Medwakh special?

  • Dokha:
    i. We only use handpicked high quality crops for the blending.
    ii. Flip top caps are added for ease of accessing the tobacco and to maintain the product quality.
    iii. Opaque (Black Scorpion Bottles) are used to maintain the color and quality of the product. (For general information, if the Dokha tobacco gets exposed to any form of light for a long period, the color and the quality of the tobacco will deteriorate).
    iv. Tamperproof seal on the caps are used to ensure the quality and consistency for the consumer.
    v. The customer deserves only the best. With that in mind an attractive packaging has been introduced, a design that makes you look good anywhere.

  • Medwakh:
    i. We exclusively use high quality, durable wood.
    ii. Each piece is handmade, thus making every piece unique.

5. How do you clean a Medwakh:

  • a. First, you clean the Medwakh’s (pipe) bowl chamber with a paper tissue. Do so until satisfied with the bowl’s cleanliness.

  • b. Second, insert the pipe cleaner into the hole (where the filter is inserted). Continue until the pipe cleaner is pushed out of the draught hole and into the bowl’s Chamber. Then Rotate the pipe cleaner few times, until satisfied. Finally, pullout the pipe cleaner. Then you can insert a filter on the tip of the Medwakh and enjoy.

6. How often should I clean the Medwakh and change the filter?

  • It generally depends on how often you consume Dokha.

  • For changing the Filter, It is recommended to change the filter after 10 uses.

  • For cleaning the Medwakh, it recommended to cleaning it once every day. However, if you have already cleaned the Medwakh and it gets blocked, it is recommended to be cleaned again until you are satisfied with the result.

7. Where can I Purchase Scorpion Dokha and Medwakh:

  • USA (Add Dokha.com website and contact)

  • UAE (Add the vendor list)

8. For export inquiries:

  • Add Scorpion’s contact.